Monday, September 14, 2009

Howdy Pilgrim

Just got my first two rolls of film from my Holga developed. I shot these on Fuji 400H color 120 film. I have to say the Holga is very easy to use and can produce some cool stuff. The one above and the next two were taken at the Pilgrim State Mental institution, which is now almost completely shut down. I went back a few days ago with my buddy Andrew, and will be expecting some more great shots from there soon. Click any image to see larger version in Flicker.
This is a 4-shot panorama I put together in Photoshop
Along with that news, we got our new catalogs in at work. It's been a pretty crazy last few (say 3-4) months. I think they came out pretty great. Check it out here:

Not to mention there's been some great waves in the past few weeks. It's not often we have swell three weekends in a row, but it's been better than average. Here's a shot taken of me during the tropical storm Danny swell by Kevin Mazur who is a celebrity photographer. His site is pretty cool, check that out as well: