Friday, March 18, 2011

MV Flyers

Some recent flyers from work. You can see these and more at:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 Rolls of expired super 8. Illimanjaro on the beat. Pretty random stuff.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Norbs' Trip out West

My buddy Norb just dropped me a line and showed me some footage of his recent trip out west. He said it was shot entirely on one of these: I gotta get me one of those things.

Look out for characters like Chis Meade and Matt Wheeler of fame, and wait for the infamous Frank Smith, the proud new father of Finley Walter Smith!!!

ART of Flight

Vids getting pretty intense these days. This one should be the deal for real...

Shirts of the Werk

Weekly selected designs from work:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Recently Volcom announced a contest for the first "legit" kickflip on a surfboard. Only a guy named "Zolton Torkos" could win a contest like that...

Legends Series

Just got reminded of these from Joey Fitz, all the way from Panama. I made these a while back and was planning on having them printed and giving them as a gift for my dad and him, but that never happened. So here they are, immortalized on the obraw blog...

In the Lab

Up in the lab tonight with the LLTINT crew. Here's a little peek at a new design we'll be printing soon. It's a 1-color print, but incorporates a heavily distressed ship and waves as a background. Over that is hand-drawn lettering and a bad-ass illustration of a tatted up sailor. Renown for Holding it Down.

We had to print on two separate transparencies to get the oversize look. In the process we messed up a transparency, which worked out for me. I took the opportunity to try a process I learned from co-worker/photographer Terry Amburgey. He had shown me some prints he did of black and white photos he printed onto transparencies, then placed over a textured background.
It came out pretty fresh, now I need to find a good background.

Playing with type

March Madness!

Get on over to Bunger Sayville for their March Madness Sale! I whipped up this flyer for them the other day. They wanted that bracket/basketball feel.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New at MV!

We created blogs at work. Both the Marketing and Creative departments at MV Sport have their own blog now. Check em out...

Here is my latest contribution to the team:

Rodeo Bar Prelim Art

Menu Cover:

1-Color Logo Tee

Distressed 1-color Tee

Logo Ideas:

I'm doing a complete re-design for Rodeo Bar NYC. (Thanks Sarah Loth for the hook up!) Starting with a new logo and new tagline. Will be doing new shirts for the staff, new website, new menus, and possibly weekly/monthly band flyers. You can check out their site at:

Sometimes I forget...

Sometimes I forget to blog. It's been a few months. I will try to get a few things up.

Well, just got back from Houston, TX, for the CAMEX show. Houston wasn't bad, nice to get into some warmer weather.

Got to see Das Racist a few nights ago at Stonybrook. Free show, and got to hang with them for a while.

While I was in Texas I got to some good inspiration for a project I'm working on for Rodeo Bar in NYC. Will post prelim ideas asap.

Check out my good friends band TVTV, they've got a new video out, really well done...