Friday, May 25, 2012

Super 8 from Puerto Rico

Also, here is the super 8 footage back from my Puerto Rico trip. It's a little long, will prob cut it down a bit in the future...

Sunset Demos Video

Quick GoPro video I made after a long session the other day.
Music by good friends at Ghost Beach

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Puerto Rico

Just got back from Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. Scored two good swells, had a great time. Thanks to Alex Fawess for being a great host. While I was down there I entered a tee shirt design contest for a local shop called The Uncharted Studio, which is in the town of Rincon. I ended up winning with a design inspired by Lady Gaga's logo, and the fact that they have a mannequin in their shop. I shot 3 rolls of super 8 down there, still waiting on that. Expect to see that in the near future... Here's those designs along with some photos from the trip.