Sunday, June 21, 2009

Phoenix @ Terminal 5

So, I got an email alert from Ticketmaster this past Friday, after having just gotten paid. Obviously I was gonna spend some of that newly acquired chedda on some tix. I saw that Phoenix was playing in Sept. (on the 25th, get tickets!) So I bought 2 tickets to that show. I was pretty excited, so I figured I'd share that on my away message, which then lead to my buddy telling me they were playing that very night! (DJ, you're the man) 
I had no idea. 
So then it's onto craigslist to email 10 people hoping to get a response with an extra ticket. A few hours (and "sorry, already sold it" responses) later I get my guy. He's filming a movie that night up on West 86th and can't make it. Sounds legit enough, I make the trek uptown before the show, the guy says the post was for a pair of tickets and I had to buy both. Sure, especially since DJ, who told be about the show, didn't even have tickets. 
Long story short, after about an hour of scouring the streets around Terminal 5 for two more extra tickets for DJ's roommate and girlfriend, we get into the show, and it was amazing. 
Great, great show. 
Highlights include: 1901, Lisztomania, Fences, Lasso, Sometimes in the Fall, Run, Run, Run, and of course Too Young

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