Thursday, June 25, 2009

MV Update / New Tross Shirts

I've been pretty sick the last few days, but I'm feeling a bit better now, enough to post a blog. (might even surf a little before work tomorrow, shhh) There's a lot goin on at MV Sport right now, we just finished our photo shoot, so it's time for me to get on that catalog design. Not the best time to be taking off a few days, but what can I do? 
Also,  the new Albatross hoodies should be done tomorrow. Fingers are crossed, I know everyone over at the beach is waiting on those. Soon come. Big-ups to my boy Ade for the illustration skills on our collabo.


Here's a sneak-peek at a few of the catalog shots from this year's catalog. Pretty cool to be able to make the graphics, be part of the shoot, then layout the catalog. I'm liking it. The whole meeting the models part aint bad either. 

The first five shots are from me creeping on the shoot, the rest are from the photog (props to Jim Lennon ;  )  ...


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