Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Bunger Year's - In Black and White

My buddies Jon and Terry at work were asking me recently if I knew anything about Bunger surf shop in Babylon, which made me remember that I had these photos down in my basement. 

My first surfboard was an old,  beat up, retro 6'0" Bunger. It was given to me. After surfing for a few years, I found myself on the Bunger surf team. I had a great time with those guys. Growing up surfing with Chris Tomlin and Alex Fawess was a blast, and the Bunger family is classic. 

When I was in school we had to do a photo-essay, so I went down to ole' warehouse to take some photos of Tommy and Charlie at work. Afterwards me and Tomlin headed down to demo to take some surf shots, showing the whole board-making/board-in-action kinda thing. He was doing shuv-it's on his fish, got a few turns in. 

Here are those photos, along with one of me on a Bunger. I don't think any of them have seen these photos since I left for another shop soon after. I'll have to bring em down there one of these days.
Tommy on the horn.
Tommy shaping.

Charlie glassing 1.

Charlie glassing 2.
Tommy through the door. 

Tomlin shuv-it.
A demo turn.
Myself boosting on a Bunger.

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